Monday, June 27, 2011

New York Says "I Do" to Marriage Equality

Courtesy of Google Images - Empire State Building lit in Gay Pride Weekend Colors
Hey BDNY Nation Followers!  Sorry for lack of posts but I've been way to busy to post.  Thankfully BDNY2 posted a little during my absence.  So what's been going on?

Some good news out of New York last week.  New York State passed marriage equality law on Friday night!  I'm excited they did it but you gotta get a guy first in order to marry.  ahh more pressures.  lol.  Want to get married?  Should be cool to marry a guy if I wanted to and have it legal.  Should be interesting to find out what state will be next?  Which one?

BDNY2 mentioned about a guy he met in his last post.  I hope to meet this "Michael" guy soon.  I definately want to meet him before he moves out of city by end of summer.  Looking forward to that!  Anyways, I promise to write more and please e-mail me at