Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whos ready for some football?

Couresy of Google Images
Hi Guys and Gals!  Notice I changed the way I start my blog posts?  lol.  No more Hey BDNY Nation.  Changing things up is always good.  I hope everybody is doing well and is excited for Fall.  Crappy part though, spending time at beach is almost over and no more hot shirtless men to look at.  BUMMER!  oh well, enjoy it while it lasts. 

Who's ready for some football???!!!  NFL football season starts tonight!  Should be exciting to get back into football spirit.  Go Packers tonight.  Sorry Saint fans but I'm not a fan.  lol.  Some of you are probably saying who the f*** cares.  lol.  Well this is my point.  If you like sports and masculine dude that is into other guys isn't it hard to find other who share that same bond?  Yeah exactly my point.  I for one always bring up sports in conversations on gay websites to see if a guy really is masculine.  If they ignore it then I usually try to stop conversation.  Why are most of masculine guys closeted?  ahh I keep on asking myself that.  It'd be cool to meet others who are like that.  I know most following this blog are masculine and into dudes which is a cool feeling.  Why can't they be more out?  lol.  Let's talk sports instead of shopping!  Please!  lol.  oh well just a frustration I have at times when I go onto gay dating websites.

Share your experience in comments.  It'd be cool to hear yours.  Also, if your new to Bi/Gay Dudes USA welcome!  Send me an e-mail if you'd like.  It's  Thanks for reading!  More posts to come within the next week or so.