Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Masculine Gay/Bi Guys Forum Offically Launched

Hi Everybody! Masculine Gay/Bi Guys Forum has been officially been launched: http://mascgays.yuku.com/ I am still tweaking the forum but you can join for free on there. Please use same username as on here so I know who you are. There is a chat room and a few forums as well. Join today it's free!  Click this link to Join: http://mascgays.yuku.com/signup/me
Masculine Gay/Bi Guys Forum
A safe zone for masculine gay and bi guys of all ages either closeted or out to share what's on their minds.  Chat about LGBT issues, sports, or anything that's currently on your mind.  We are there to support you because we all are in the same boat.
The #1 Place For Masculine Gay and Bisexual Guys to Chat On The Web.