Saturday, November 26, 2011

Men At Work

I did something kind of stupid recently. I hooked up with a kid who I work with. Yeah, I know, really dumb. He’s kind of new at work at we started talking a few weeks after he started there. It was never anything more than office chat at all. Looking back, there was seriously no flirting or anything. I had no idea he was into me. Actually, I had no idea I was into him!

So we were hanging out after work one day and he came by my place for a drink. We sat drinking and talking for several hours and there was absolutely no flirting at all. Then all of a sudden I noticed he was looking at me like he wanted me. I didn’t think much of it because I really had no clue. I suggested that it was getting late and maybe we should call it a night. We had one more drink and I noticed he took out some lip balm and applied it to his lips. This was a big clue. Why would he possibly do that unless he wanted to kiss me? I looked over at him and playfully asked if I could have some too. I figured his reaction to my question would let me know for sure what he was up to. It did. He gently applied it to my lips as well. After that, we kissed.

We made out for like 10 minutes before I realized what the hell we were doing. I then tried breaking it up several times and telling him that we shouldn’t be doing this and that it was late. He got a few good pecks in before he finally let up. He was really cool about it though. It was definitely a dumb thing to do with a kid who works with me but heck, he was a good kisser haha. We’ve chatted several times at work since then and everything is totally cool. Actually I think we might be better friends than we were before. It’s not awkward at all and it hasn’t happened again. I just get nervous about messing with people from work because of rumors and gossip and whatnot. Am I overreacting or no?